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Bidna Capoeira’s work started on the streets of Damascus, Syria. Founder, Tarek Alsaleh, moved there in 2007 and started free classes for children on the streets. It was a huge success, soon more and more children came, showing a passionate desire to learn and have something positive to do away from the streets. From these humble beginnings a team of Capoeira players and friends went on to run capoeira social projects in prisons, hospitals and with refugees. It was the inspiring capoeira project in Al Tanf Refugee camp, located in the desert no man’s land between Iraq and Syria that led to the founding of Bidna Capoeira as an international charity in 2010.

Our programmes aim to help vulnerable young people benefit from the art-form of capoeira through having a measurable impact on their abilities to better deal with the terrible effects of war and conflict in their lives. We aim to see quantifiable impacts on negative behaviours and circles of violence created as a result of living through conflict including: a reduction in aggressive behaviours, making positive behavioural choices, increased mental health, and better performance at school.

Our MISSION is to use Capoeira as the main tool to provide psychosocial support to children and youth living in areas of conflict, humanitarian crisis or in similarly vulnerable situations.

Our VISION is to create an international social capoeira network

Bidna Capoeira has no lobbying or political interests and it is oriented towards promoting the rights of all individuals without prejudice.

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Ramallah - Palestine
31.8980428, 35.20427140000004

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