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The Capoeira Freedom Collective – Palestine (CFCP) is a collective of Palestinians and foreigners practicing the Afro-Brazilian art form of capoeira in Ramallah, Palestine. It is not a capoeira group in the traditional sense, which follows a particular capoeira mestre and lineage, but rather a collaborative effort meant to share capoeira knowledge and learn together. This means that the CFCP is not exclusively dedicated to one form of capoeira–be it capoeira angola, capoeira contemporânea or capoeira regional–but is open to capoeira in all its richness and diversity.

The CFCP takes capoeira’s history of resistance against slavery and racism in Brazil seriously, and in so doing, strives to create a dynamic in which the constant struggle for freedom remains at the core of our practice. In this sense, we acknowledge that capoeira is itself a political act, and that by practicing capoeira we are identifying with a set of values that rejects oppression no matter who it involves.

The collective meets to train, learn and discuss every Sunday and Tuesday from 18:00-20:00 at the Ramallah Orthodox Club (across from the service station to Beitunia). A participation fee is of 10NIS per class is required. Beginners welcome!

Our address

The Ramallah Orthodox Club - Al Sa'a Circle
31.90357, 35.203339

Opening Hours

6pm - 8pm
6pm - 8pm

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