Pastinha – Uma Vida Pela Capoeira | by Antonio Carlos Muricy

Documentary about one of the most famous masters of Capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial art and dance), Vicente Ferreira Pastinha, aka Mestre Pastinha, guardian of the traditional style of Capoeira, the Angola style. He was responsible for the renewal of this fight through the revival of its deepest roots and origins, and played it for more than 80 years.

Mestre Bimba – A Capoeira Iluminada | by Luiz Fernando Goulart

Mestre Bimba, a Capoeira Iluminada é um filme documentário de longa-metragem que conta a história de Manoel dos Reis Machado, o Mestre Bimba, um grande nome da capoeira e o fundador e criador da Capoeira Regional. A partir de depoimentos de ex-alunos e historiadores, o filme traça um rico painel sobre a cultura negra e a capoeira no Brasil.

Capoeira the Dance of Freedom | by Steve Bartholomew

Capoeira the Dance of Freedom explores the enigmatic culture of the African Brazilian art form of capoeira. Drawing from Brazilian and American scholars as well as capoeira masters, the culture of capoeira is explored from its fragmented history to its influence on American pop-culture. Interviews juxtaposed with dynamic action help to make this film fast paced and informative.

Besouro | by João Daniel Tikhomiroff

The true story of Manuel Henrique Pereira, who rose to fame in Brazil as a fighter for freedom and a master of Capoeira (a fusion of dance and martial arts), is brought to the screen in this historical drama. In the early 1920s, slavery had been outlawed in Brazil, but that did little to improve the lives of the poor blacks that worked the nation’s plantations and were still treated like beasts and not men.

A Taste Of Capoeira | by Kamal Robinson

This is a documentary focuses on documenting the real lives of Capoeiristas and the unique ways Capoeira has made a home in urban environments around the world.

Cordão de Ouro | by Antonio Carlos Fontoura

This movie tells the story of the regime in Brazil and Jorge (Mestre Nestor Capoeira), who is a runaway slave from the Eldorado goldmines. In his battle with the local dictator, Jorge meets different elements of the Afro-Brazillian culture, including capoeira, maculelê, and candomble.

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